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Day 18

Nants ingonyama? Nah bro it's AHHH SAVENYAAAA!

It's strange looking back at the last six years of my life and finding key points that make me smile.

"Are they saying anything or just shouting?"

To this day, I believe that the intro to Lion King begins with a long shout.


Isn't it strange how smiling at a happy memory quickly makes me sad? Isn't it terrifying that after such a long time, I still find it difficult to let go, to move on...

Will every strawberry blink at me and say "Nwoo"?

Will every rose look better in black and bronze?

Will every swimming pool have the memory of Ah Savenya?

Will I smile, laugh, feel sad, think, then smile again?

Will I find my way in this circle of life?

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