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Day 82

New beginning

I dipped a toe out of my comfort zone and joined a gym. Sort of. My bff talked me into joining the new Pilates studio with her. I’ve been to two classes, an intro on my own (there’s the outside the comfort zone thing) since I’ve never done it before, and one real class with her early this morning. I absolutely love it. I’m sore but in a weird way that isn’t unpleasant, and I was actually hungry today. I ate 5 times. 5.

I have undiagnosed anorexia, brought on by emotional trauma. I lost about 20 pounds after the crash and have yet to put it back on. I expended so much of my energy and gave so much of myself to him and that relationship. I lost myself in it.

It’s past time to come back to life and I feel great about making a move towards that end.

Meanwhile both Crazy Pants and The Tosser are taking to me. CP and I seem to be getting along, friends, and it’s been really nice. Not sure what the Tosser has in mind. He alluded to possibly seeing each other soon but it’s a bad idea.

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