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Day 9

New Years Eve and Cranberry Juice in Wine Glasses

Boyfriend is still in pain and has low spirits since the ER offered no help and left us a bill for hundreds of dollars (and apparently more will be coming for the doctor who saw him exactly 60 seconds to only say there was nothing he could do). He is panicked since he can't afford those bills, and I keep assuring him that I will use my Christmas bonus toward it when it comes in, but all-in-all we are both feeling lousy.

He says he'd like to dress up and ring the New Year in from a bar, but the poor thing can only stand for so long, and with the random bouts of vomiting I don't think it'd be a good idea. I've suggested that we still dress up, but stay home and drink cranberry juice out of wineglasses (no alcohol with his stomach problems) and watch the count down on television. His uncle currently lives with us (a story for later), so we can make it a party of three. Maybe his brother, sister-in-law, and little nephew can come by too, since they live only a few blocks away.

I wish I could raise Boyfriend's spirits. What's there to do?

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