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Day 57

No Sympathy on Easter - Part 2

Raven burst into sobs as she explained that she'd been cheating and Bear found out. She said she didn't know why she'd done it. I peeked on FB while she was crying and see that she's posted that her husband will not talk to her - people were already pitying her in the comments. I have to swallow my aggravation. Of course he doesn't want to talk - he has a right to be hurt! It appears that she cannot take responsibility for her own actions and instead blames others in public to gain sympathy for herself.

I calmed her down, made her laugh, and eventually got her to go outside and join the Easter festivities. She thanked me for making her "feel better." Honeybun's mother and I then watch as she ignores her child and instead focuses on the games and social media on her phone.

She doesn't work. Instead she claims to be a "house wife" while her husband works double shifts at a restaurant. She doesn't clean, doesn't cook, and ignores her child all day. I want to tell her it's time to grow up now that she's a mother and a wife, but it's not my place.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    8 months ago

    Well it has to be someone's place
    She needs to be told
    Get a grip and get responsible
    She is a very lucky person and needs to know that

  • Otter Otter
    8 months ago

    Agreed. Her child is such a sweetheart, and her husband has sacrificed so much so that she could stay home. She married into such a loving family, yet all she does is moan and groan that she is miserable. Her mother is a spiteful woman that will buy her lavish gifts regularly, but with strings attached (I'll give you this on this condition...)

    My suspicion is that she has been spoiled on a lavish lifestyle and expects things to be given rather than earned, and she lives off being the center of attention. Honeybun's family and myself have tried for years to explain that once you have a child - the child becomes center of attention. I understand that she needs to be her own person with her own desires in life, but a child is helpless and should come first. They are developmentally behind due to being sat in front of a television with no interaction whatsoever during the day except to take cute "Mommy and baby" selfies that she then posts to social media with sweet quotes for more "likes."

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