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Day 681

Not Exactly the Way I Wanted to End My Year....

I was so looking forward to a time of healing, of "coming back" and restoring myself to the person I once was before I began this long journey back in June. I remember my younger sister once stating that there was never any doubt in her mind that she would survive her illness.... it was the treatment that really drove her to the brink.

I went to the hospital today to talk to the oncologist who treated me, because I am having a terrible time with my lower back, leg and foot. He tells me it is not from the treatment, but that I've got some kind of sciatica from damage to my lower spine.

If he's right, then I'm in for more visits to the hospital - maybe a disc in my spine is damaged? Maybe it's something that's going to require (and wouldn't that be great?) more surgery!

But I have to hope it is some sort of pinched nerve or sore disc that will repair itself over time

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