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Day 34

Not so different, eh?

I've noticed a lot, we're pretty much ALLLL the same! In some shape or form! For example; I post about being warm and snug; and then there are like 5 other posts relating to being safe and sound in bed. And I'm not sure if it's just where people read other peoples posts and it spurs them on with the same line of thought or what; but it goes to show - everyone is similar one way or another. I like it!

Just because we are 'different' in our physical appearance, doesn't mean we are any different in our minds. :s So what if you have red hair and I have blonde. So what if you have mountains and I have pancakes. (boobs!) It shouldn't matter if you're black, white, Asian, Indian, orange, or bloody magenta! I am me, and you are you - we are we and they are poo. (the bullies :p) - (sorry, I got carried away.. ahahaha!) We are ALL the same when you get down to the bear back basics!

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