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Day 110

Nothing is worse than thinking Thursday morning is Friday

My psychiatrist didn't prescribe enough bipolar medication until my appointment tomorrow. The last week of adjusting down to 2.5 pills each day versus 4 pills has been quite painful. Monday I was completely suicidal; cried inside my head all day. Tuesday was super depressed, irritable and angry. And, Wednesday morning I thought it was Thursday. Today I thought it was Friday.

Now I know exactly why they say you cannot stop taking mental illness medications cold turkey. WOW, what unnecessary emotions I had to go through simply because our medical system is shit in the US.

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  • Otter Otter
    7 months ago

    Oh man, I went through something similar with my thyroid medication. When I called to have it refilled, they said that I should have enough for one more week and my insurance wouldn't allow me to refill it until then. I explained I didn't have enough for one more week, and they actually had the gall to ask me if I'd been taking more than my prescribed dosage per day.

    Sometimes I wonder if insurance companies are the real problem...

    Anyway, keep holding strong!! It's finally Friday! Sending many hugs and good vibes

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