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Day 539

Oh dear God! !!!!!!!

I don't like posting bad news. But I was on my lunch when I'd seen I missed 2 calls from my Mam and one from my sister. My sister very rarely calls me and never when I'm at work.

An old family friend had died, he had committed suicide. This is a guy we had grown up with. As kids both families used to hang around together, and we all got on pretty well. But over the years we had kind of lost touch. Then we all reconnected over fb a few years ago. But today's news came as a total and utter shock. It actually knocked me sideways, and really upset me. I keep thinking about his family and how awful it is for them to deal with the aftermath, the constant questions of what ifs and whys and the thought of I wish there was something I could have done.

All I can do is be there for the family, but it's awful dealing with suicide and it seems to be everywhere now.

Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • White Dog White Dog
    16 months ago

    Suicide is a terrible thing. Terrible for the suicidee to feel that there is nothing else and twice as terrible for family and friends who wish they could have done something, the eternal 'what if'. I feel for you all. xx

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