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Day 637

Old and ill, but nevertheless, I date....

Went out with PhillipinoWoman for a second date; we had a really fun time having dinner, and we had some laughs this time around. And I even found a set of nesting Pyrex bowls to take home!

As you all know, I'm not 100%, probably not even 50% these days, but eventually I will recover probably to about 90% when the radiation is done (8 more sessions!) and the hormones wear off. But still, I must date!

So we met up in one of those craft stores, and wandered around looking at all the shiny things. I mentioned that I wanted something to tether my airpods, and showed her that I would need some kind of elastic cover, maybe like a teenie-tiny condom, and she laughed and gave me little slap.

And we held hands as we wandered through the neighborhood she hadn't seen before, and we had lunch and bubble tea, and we kidded one another about different things.

And when I got home after that, as well as seeing two of my students in the late afternoon, I was dead tired. Because some days, you really do feel your age.

But nonetheless, even at 60, I must date....

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