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Day 649

Old friends

Took Ma to Teddy and Elizabeth.Terrible traffic. Ma closed her eyes and braced herself for the days ahead. Dear little Ma disappeared in the big black car.

Onwards to Sue, Alice and Diane. I hadn’t seen them for seven years. Alice and Diane have suffered during that time. Diane’s daughter had leukaemia 5 years ago and almost died. G is now taking her GCSEs. Alice has been depressed for the last 18 months but says she is now on a level. She used to sparkle; now it was as though there was a film over her, slowing down her movements, making her smile less quick, her eyes glazed. She is home ‘schooling’ Ted, a big boy of 14. Except that he is not having an education at all. They are both mentally ill and feeding off each other's anxiety, needing each other, holding on to the home that is slipping between their fingers. She has barely an education herself.
Only Sue was constant. Still quiet, steady, and chirpy in her gentle, kind way.
They welcomed me. But I am an outsider and live too far away to
be part of their lives.
Their gluttony I found hard to stomach.

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