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Day 426

One year gone, it was over...

I remember that weekend: we went to see a dance performance on a Friday night, she wanted to stay at my place, so she did, and then we went and went on a tour of art studios in the next neighborhood. You can do this in New York.

It was a regular, pleasant day together. But truth be told, it was very boring and lacking any spark. I was tired of her, and felt like I was going through the motions. She was on some kind of food restriction, so we couldn't go out and have a meal together.

So we walked and visited and as the day wore on, I became resolute: I didn't want to see her anymore. Yes, she could be kind and funny and sexy, but there was also a lot listening to the same thing over and over again: "I'm getting old," and "everyone's different," but there was just nowhere to go with her.

But I didn't want to break it off in person; she was going through a rough time with her kids, and I've had face to face arguments with her, and it was terrible. So we took a nap, hugged and she went home.


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