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Day 70

One Year In

Today marks my first year with the private equity firm. It's not much, but it means something to me. This is my first job out of university, and I'm making a pretty decent salary for myself - even if I am just an admin assistant.

Honeybun had been feeling down ever since I came back from my trip. When I realized he wouldn't even look me in the eyes on Tuesday, I finally made him sit down and tell me what was wrong. He said he doesn't think he's good enough for me, since he can't even support himself financially right now. He kept saying I should find someone "better" who makes more money. Someone who isn't fighting a DUI charge from 2 years ago.

I called in sick from work that day to stay home with him. I assured him that I didn't give a rat's ass about money - I'm making enough to support the both of us right now. Society has poisoned him to believe the man has to be the breadwinner, and I spent the day explaining that we are a team. His situation isn't forever, and I love him more than money. We'll sort it out.

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