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Day 66

Only 4 & 1/2 Months Left

Until our lease in this shitty apartment complex ends! There were flash floods Tuesday night, and as I've mentioned before, our parking lot floods even with light rain. So, when the flood hit, I had to wade through waters above my knees to move both Honeybun's and my own car to safety (the fire-lane in front of the complex). After I moved Honeybun's car, I went to move my own, but the fire-lane was full by the time I got there. I drove through water all around until I finally found a spot - on the opposite side of the complex from my apartment - where the water was low enough to park.

It was a 10 minute walk (or swim?) back to my townhouse in the dark and rain. My rainboots were useless, as the water was above them. They were full to the brim and heavy, but I didn't want to walk barefoot in dirty water. When I stepped back inside, I closed the door behind me, slunk to the floor and cried.

Water had reached my townhouse and was coming inside. Our living room rug was already soaked.

I am worried about this Hurricane Season.

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