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Day 214

Onwards and upwards

So after our falling out we had a discussion. I say discussion, I actually mean I cried and expressed how I was feeling. Incredibly sad for no reason, easily irritated and broken to the point of wanting to run away. He was accepting of this and said that for a few weeks he'd noticed that I'd not been myself. I suggested I could take St Johns Wort to try to give me a lift for a little while and then wean myself off it. It's worked before and it's better than sticking it out any longer.

So I started it a few weeks ago and the headaches and stomach cramps thankfully only lasted for 5 days.

I'm really disappointed. I was hoping the last time would be just that. I can understand feeling like this mid divorce. But not now, when I'm settled both personally and professionally, feel loved and appreciated. So I have to pull myself out of this (again) and make my own changes. So I've joined a weight loss group as I gained whilst getting divorced and since becoming 'content'. Onwards and upwards!

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