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Day 28

Opportunities and Uncertainty - What to Do?

Last night I received big news from one of my best friends. I've known Sunflower since we were seven-years-old, and her dad has reached out to me regarding an opportunity that I have only dreamed of. He would like me to possibly be a writer for a space program.

When I was a teenager, I used to say that I wanted to be a writer for something as cool as the space program, and peoples' usual response was "They don't need writers. They need scientists." Well, apparently they were wrong.

Sunflower's dad has asked me to reach out to him regarding the details, but apparently I could be making the same salary I am now or even more.

However, I'm torn. I've only started my current job 7 months ago, and I adore my workplace. The benefits rock. They pay my health insurance, our CFO took me out to lunch just to teach me about investing, managing my personal finances and getting the most out of my 401k contribution match, and my supervisor has become a Mr. Miyagi/Motherly kind-of mentor.

Not to mention I am nervous to be a government employee during our current partial-shutdown. I am torn between contentment and chasing a dream.

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