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Day 35

Opportunity knocks

My son had been off school most of the week with a sore throat, runny nose, cough sneezes etc. So his P.E teacher phoned. She would like to enter him into the school swimming competition in October. I've talked him round but needless to say he's not keen. She also thinks he might be good enough to represent the west of Scotland in the national swimming trials. My son can be quite lazy and at the moment a little unfit to day the least. I have to push him to do any type of physical sport yet he has the build to do a number of sports and be good at them from rugby to boxing. He's reasonably good at swimming, and has the potential to even be a weightlifter. The build on him is unreal for a lad his age.
I have told him to take opportunities when they come along. It may not be what he wants to do but if anything it is a good character builder as well as providing opportunity and the chance to meet contacts for later life.

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  • Autumn Autumn
    49 months ago

    Hi, I think u should really encourage him to take part, believe me he will thank you for it when he is older! Xxx

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