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Day 811

Other people

At lunch I chatted away with the other residents as usual. They were happy and animated with the talk about themselves. Halfway through Ma said quietly to me, ‘They never ask me a single question.’ I had noticed that. I pointed out that it was me doing all the questioning. When we had sat on another table, I noticed them sitting in silence at this table. But I saw Ma’s point so I told them of all the different countries Ma had lived in and gave them a glimpse of her life. Valerie’s response was, ‘Well, I’ve only ever been to Disney Land Paris.' I pointed out that she had been to New Zealand to see her daughters, and Australia.

But fair enough. Everyone is only really interested in her/himself and if another’s life is more varied and colourful then most people don’t really want to know, especially at the end of life when there is no time to make up for missed opportunities.

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