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Day 79

Out of the woodwork

Last weekend when I was out of town with my BFF I woke up to a text from Crazy Pants. The man I dated for a couple years after my divorce followed by a couple of years of fighting and not talking and trying to be friends and fighting and repeat. We haven’t talked in years. The last time he messaged me before this I was sitting in the critical care unit with my love. I had a deal with his sister to reach out to her instead of answering him when he got in touch because we were so toxic for each other. Anyways, he’s been messaging for a couple of says. We’ve been friendly and open about what’s happened. Maybe we won’t hate each other this time. Who knows.

Then a couple other men I rarely hear from for in touch.

And tonight.... the Tosser. He broke my heart years ago and I haven’t heard from him since before the crash. I told him to eff off at that point. Tonight he reaches out.

What the hell? Men from my past have come out of the woodwork this week.

Only my musician is left. The universe is testing me.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    11 months ago

    Funny how that happens all at once; I fear the day when a bunch of my exes will contact me (but I doubt they ever will: I have that effect on women....)

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