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Day 496

Out with YoungFriend: Life, Women, Life

YoungFriend and I meet up after my trip away. He invites YoungWoman, who is a year older than my daughter. YoungWoman is an attractive "millenial" with a hint of sass. I met her once before, and even though I am the same age as her parents, we get along fine.

I tell them about how WomanI'mDating broke it off two days before I left for Germany, and they're sympathetic, of course. In same breath, I mention that I have two dates lined up, one with SkinnyBabe the next night, then GreekEngineer on Monday.

YoungFriend, who, IMHO, is handsome, interesting and cool, tells me later that he has been helping his FWB find a guy on a swipe app, and after looking over the competition, assures me that the two of us are in the top 10% of "dateables," and women who overlook us are probably too picky or just suck at dating.

This is news to me, especially because I find no desire to respond to the women who write to me. Why am I attracting these trolls? YoungFriend poses the same question about himself.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. Or something like that....

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