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Day 22


"Is doing it on my own in?" "no she's out out with the wean" "oh why didn't she take trouble with her" eh I haven't even headed out yet and was lucky to get out for an hour with my own son anyway. get off your f*@#!#g arse and take a walk to a park with your own child instead of wanting everyone else to do your job for you!
they really have no idea how I would like to get up and walk away and leave them them all to get on with it.
if she spent as time with her child as she did looking for a new man every time she fell out with worzel gummage then maybe he wouldnt have such a bad attitude towards her.
I however have lost all patience and sympathy and all good thoughts as a result. I just don't have the time nor patience nor capacity for you anymore.
on a good note after we did come home we sat and watched Lucy. I quite enjoyed it.

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