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Day 584

Over and Over and Done....

We got up early in the morning; packed our bags, cleaned up the house, loaded up the car and we were off. I watched the clock, knowing that in about an hour I would drop them off at the train station, and then disappear.

We got to the station, and I said, "Okay, I'm going to fill up the car with gas, then return it to rental company. See you in about a half hour?"

I drove off, screamed aloud, and then drove myself to a wonderful little village about a half hour away. I sat on a bench in the courtyard of a beautiful abbey and just reflected on how horrible it all was....

I got up and took a long walk down to the Seine, where I relaxed and thought about what to do next. I set my phone to 1 pm, the time when the train would take them away.

I walked back to the town, sat in a little café under a tree and had a light lunch. It was all so tranquil. I escaped with my wits intact.

Or so I thought: miserable car return, just made it to the train, but I leave at 5:30 am for home...

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