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Day 196


My wife's behaviour is pathetic, she's nearly 40 and it's like living with a teenager. I can't go on like this much longer. She's constantly angry. What's worse is that she's feeling like crap but has to make every one else feel like crap too, the way she talks to ppl is terrible. Of course she hasn't told me that she feels down, she's put an attention seeking post in Facebook. Tried to talk to her and I get one word answers when she can manage to look away from her phone. I lovey wife but I don't like her very much. I'm fed up. I am not sticking around just for my son's sake, I'd leave her but I don't want to leave my son with her. I can't leave and take my son as I don't want him to have to change schools etc as he's happy where he is. I'm going to stop running after her, I'm tired of being manipulated.

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