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Day 14

Patience 2

The weeks sped by, with E and I regularly meeting in the woods, talking less and less about maths. As E's big maths exam passed, even I began to realise that she hadn't been meeting me because she wanted to talk about maths ....

Very happy I was too. I now loved this girl deeply, her company, her admiration of me, the way she looked at me. Everyone else knew we were going out, I was the only one who didn't know this, for I just couldn't believe she would really love me. One day she said one of her friends had asked if I was her boyfriend and asked what she should say. I took a deep breath and a few moments later I had my first official girlfriend!

She had been so patient, and waited for me to become hooked. And hooked I was .....

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  • Anon de Plume Anon de Plume
    61 months ago

    It is deeply sensual, satisfying and heart warming to feel and know that you are at the centre of the universe of someone who adores you.

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