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Day 154

Penguin's Drama - Part 1

I was having such a great weekend with Honeybun! Even though I had to spoil his Valentine's Day gift - he'd almost bought the same thing in the mall. I caressed his cheek and shyly muttered: "Babe, maybe you shouldn't buy that just yet?" It took him a second to process, but then it clicked. He chuckled and put it back on the shelf after sincerely apologizing for spoiling his own surprise. We went out for drinks, then dinner, and we let our bearded dragon freely roam the apartment for the weekend. It was all so lovely!

Then, Saturday evening, my phone starts blowing up with texts from Penguin. I hadn't contacted her since my dull weekend visit last month. She's in the hospital because of a stroke. She says it was caused by "stress." At first I worry, but then I remember: a year ago she'd had strokes, and her doctors said it was because she'd been drinking too much coffee. They'd told her she could only have tea from then on. I ask if she's been on coffee again. She says yes, she's been drinking a lot of coffee again. All my pity immediately goes out the window.

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