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Day 789


She’s looking into the dark corner of her room, next to her wardrobe which is pressed up against the book case. ‘Go and have a look over there at the wardrobe. See what’s inside it.’ I open it. ‘Your clothes are hanging here.’ ‘Look to the side and see what’s there. Behind it.’ I look. ‘What am I looking for?’ She waits. ‘All seems pretty normal. What do you see?’ ‘I see Apple.’ ‘What’s he doing?’ ‘He’s standing there looking at me.’ ‘Is he moving, is he smiling?’ ‘No, just standing watching me.’ ‘Have you spoken to each other? How long has he been there?’ ‘Quite some time. I said ‘Whooo, hooo' to him but he didn’t reply.’ ‘He’s not there, Ma. He’s in your mind.’ She laughs as though laughing at her own craziness, but she sounds and thinks she is crazy. I put a towel up to cover that space. She insists I take it down. She would rather see him than think about him lurking there. I take it down and there he is. She props herself up to stare at him. She is utterly absorbed.

Yesterday she had a fall and spent the night on painkillers.

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  • runcicle runcicle
    3 weeks ago

    Don't deride what she sees.

    Those in the last staqes of life frequently are able to see spirits. Does Apple resemble someone who has died?

    Encourage her to speak to whoever she sees. You won't hear a reply. Spirit communication is thought-to-thought. Ask her if the spirit is replying.

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  • George Smith George Smith
    3 weeks ago

    Interesting. She said he didn't try to speak to her, he was just watching her.

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