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Day 72

Planning and Overthinking

Honeybun's birthday is in two weeks, and I haven't much of an idea of what to do for him. Last year I took him to a waterpark, and the year before that I'd thrown a massive birthday party and made arrangements for his best friend to come down to surprise him. This year is a bit harder. I'd like to plan some kind of outing with his parents, two siblings, their SOs, his little nephew, and Uncle. Bear's knee is still recovering from his accident on the dirtbike, so another waterpark trip or anything with a lot of walking is out of the question. I'd thought about Axe-Throwing, since it doesn't require much walking: Just stand and throw. I know Honeybun would enjoy it, but we'd gone back in April for a friend's birthday. Would it be cheesy to have his birthday there as well?

They allow you to bring in a cooler with your own food and beverages (even alcohol - surprisingly), so I'd thought maybe we could all go have some food, drink some beer, and throw some axes. I'd tell everyone they'd need to get their own tickets, but I wonder if it'd be too much...

I'm probably overthinking...

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