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Day 175

Planning: Board-games and our dragon

Honeybun and I picked up a few board-games the other day. We figured, if a quarantine does happen, there's only so much television we could watch and video games we could play before we get tired of screens. The board-games we picked can host 2 - 6 players, so we can play it by ourselves or (after the pandemic) have friends over for a game night.

We're most intrigued by one called "Dead of Winter" by PlaidHatGames. It has so many pieces, and the board set-up is so complicated! It's full of little zombie and "survivor" cut-out figurines, and has many different ways to play. We thought it'd be funny (if not a little morbid) to play an apocalyptic game.

We're stocked up enough on most supplies, though we are a bit worried about our bearded dragon, Pita. Her diet consists of salad and crickets. We could temporarily farm crickets or buy a lizard-safe protein supplement, but it'll be difficult to keep fresh collards and mustard greens in stock if we're stuck at home. I'll probably stock up on her leafy greens (if I can find some...) on my way home and freeze them.

I hope the hoarders chill out soon...

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    3 weeks ago

    You know, if you get started now, you could probably be growing some of the greens that your little guy eats.... maybe order a grow light?

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