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Day 66

Poison in my face

On very rare occasions I will get botox injections to smooth out what I call my what the fork face. I scowl when I’m annoyed. I’m annoyed a lot. It makes me look pissed off all the time and gives me a headache to boot. So I treat myself and get poison injected in my face.

I had held off for a while because it’s expensive and I was spending money flying to the hospital and anticipating flights to my musician’s new (old) home.

I decided on a whim yesterday to go in for injections today. I discovered that the last time I’d done it was in mid June of last year. Just a few weeks before I was supposed to meet up with him on tour for a week. I wanted to look pretty for him.

It hit me when I figured that out that I’ve spent so much of my time and energy in the past year taking care of him that I’ve forgotten to take care of myself. I sleep and eat and go to work and take good care of my kids. But I haven’t been doing the little things like splurging on myself.

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