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Day 546

Pow! Blam! Blast! Pulverize those stones to DUST!

I got to see the surgeon today; he's a very affable guy whom I really enjoyed every moment. The good news is that while there is kidney damage, it is still working pretty well, and that once they blast this stone out of me, my kidney will have full functionality (well, pretty close....)

Doc also says there's a kidney stone in my right kidney, but won't need a "laser" to send this along. Instead, they'll place some kind of device against me which will emit sound waves and basically break it up with vibrations. I wonder if they play "Iron Maiden" to help break them up?

All of which makes me very relieved: my kidneys are fine, in the fall I'll get my prostate cancer knocked out, and in the meantime I'm feeling pretty damned good.

I try to "treat myself" after each doctor visit, just to remind myself that this I've been very responsible about making appointments, keeping them, and then following up. Last Friday one doc said I should get the stone looked at, within a week I had the scan and surgery is scheduled for July 25. Blast, bam, zing, zing: going to zap that stone to powder!

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