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Day 600

Preparing for Christmas

Every single present under the Christmas tree has been wrapped, ribboned and carded by me. It looks really pretty… and the gifts to other families too, etc.

I have a stinker of a cold. It came on the evening Ma left on Wednesday. She said she had a slight cough when I spoke to her. We’re in for a bad Christmas. I know this one hits hard. I’m coming out the other side now. Poor Ma.

I told James to give her a Lemsip before she goes to bed. And I said it was a pity he was going out with his friends tomorrow, one of the few weekends Ma was staying with him. Naturally this annoyed him. But I had to say it. It’s how I feel. My brothers don’t go out of their way for her.

Ma said she was managing when I spoke to her. Just surviving was the implication. She said that Elizabeth was more gentle with her than Circe, and she was with Circe alone on Thursday.

Peachy and Apple went to London with their separate friends.
Sunny was in Brighton with his friends. He’s only spent one night here since hisholiday began.

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