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Day 35

Pretty lazy day for me!

I woke up at around 1pm! It was nice, a bit too stuffy in the blanket, but it was nice; went into town, well - I was an idiot the night before and forgot my bus pass in my other bag! - So I had to pay for a bus ticket, to take me to where I had to exchange onto the bus to my house - to pay some money to a man about a dog; and get the bus pass from my bag! ended up giving that bus pass I paid for away within half an hour of actually having it! But it's nice, I saved someone else the money, lol; so it was worth it, I guess. :) - I then went into town; sorted my rent,got my bus pass - got some bits for myself, smellies~ And came back to my Dan who was all snuggly on the bed, we don't sit downstairs in his mum's house because, welll... She doesn't shut up - and it's just peaceful up here, with each other! Bye for now!

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