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Day 92


We move in a week and a day! October 8th we get our new keys and turn in our old ones on Oct 12th.

And guess what? We haven't even started packing. Not a single damn box. Honeybun says we don't have much to pack because "Most of it is furniture"... I think he's insane. What about the pantry? Books, videogames, artwork, decor, all his tech stuff and tools, kitchenware, linens, wardrobes, and other miscellaneous items?

I think I will start packing some of my things when I get home this evening and see if that spurs him into action. Odd are, we'll be chugging energy drinks soon and throwing ourselves into a packing frenzy. I don't think he realizes just how much shit we have, or that we're going to have to move things into a storage unit before the moving company comes on the 10th...

Love him to bits, but simultaneously want to tell him he's being an (adorable) idiot. We probably need more cardboard boxes too...

Anyone taking bets on who is going to do all the packing? Because I would bet on me. ;)

Except his three large toolboxes. I'll make him take care of those himself.

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