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Day 60

Professionalism (or lack thereof)

Today I had a meeting with a saleswoman from an office supply company. She was scheduled to come in and talk to me about leasing options/costs of a copier. I had my questions lined up and the conference room scheduled.

First: When I emailed her this morning to confirm our meeting time, she responded with "Great, see you soon kid." ...Kid... awesome... I understand that she is in her 50s and I am in my mid-20s, but in a workplace "kid" just doesn't cut it.

Second: She was half an hour late with no call or reason.

Third: When she arrived, she claims "Oh my god, you are a baby aren't you?!" I know I look very young. I'm under 5 feet tall and have a youthful face... but again, we are in a workplace... calling me a baby does not impress me at all.

Fourth: She smells like she drenched herself in a bottle of dusty-rose perfume in an effort to cover up the stench of cigarette smoke - the perfume is so strong I actually choke. I'd have preferred to just deal with the cigarette smell alone.

The level of unprofessionalism has helped me determine I will not be ordering supplies from her...

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