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Day 588


Ma (without sticks) and I walked along the high street, up the village green, around the old, beautiful church and back again, stopping for a coffee on the way back. We were both happy when we got back to the car.

She is getting stronger and more positive by the day. She wants to do things and is interested in life. There is no question of her dying now. As a result she is much easier to be with, even good company in a quiet, restful sort of way. I also recognise that there is the serious question of how long does this go on for. I do believe that she could live very happily like this for another 10 or 15 years. This is good, except that it is a massive imposition on Beloved. I think we can manage as long as Apple is still at home. When it is just me and Beloved I think the triangle might not work. Beloved is not happy with the situation and I understand; I don’t know the answer. It might lie in extending the cottage. Now that she is stronger she might be persuaded to live more independently if she could.

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