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Day 279

Putting myself out there for friendship again

On Sunday I chatted with a girl who wanted to do an exchange Spanish for coaching. She seemed friendly, likes travelling and positive psychology. Right up my street!
So I said I'd be happy to teach her Spanish and be coached. We spoke for a while on Sunday eve and decided to meet on Sunday.
Funnily enough the day before I had wished to have group of friends to hang out with regularly. People, single like me and who live in the same area or not too far, up to there, K met the brief and she seemed nice.
We spoke again on Thursday briefly and agreed to meet at 2 pm 30 minutes bus ride away.
I got there and so did she a few minutes after. K is very nice! She's bubbly, chatty, intelligent, a woman in her own right and very interesting. We have lots of things in common and we got on well. We spent about 3 hours having coffee, talking and agreed on meeting again to start the swap, we said we could extend it to cinema and swimming as well and I'm really hopeful about this being the beginning of a beautiful and lasting friendship.

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