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Day 114

Realizing people are complete garbage has helped me.

I'm such a caring person that I've always put the needs of others before mine until recently. I always thought I was being rude if I excluded people in life. Clearly, it's not rude and highly recommended. I use to think a friend not going to a party/event because "someone" else was going to the same party that they couldn't stand was being immature and selfish. Now, I completely understand.

From now on, the second my gut feeling & first impressions tell me a person is unkind, disrespectful, selfish, grotesquely racist/bigot, etc., I will consider them garbage. They're just another parasitic user looking out for themselves only. They probably even calculate how much they can use a person the minute they meet them.

It's not just employment that requires an interview. From now on, all new people in my life will be fully interviewed and considered garbage unless I get something out of the relationship. Period.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    4 months ago

    What a great statement
    TBH I think a fair few of the population have physiological disorders I just found out my daughter is Passive Aggressive another piece of garbage ......
    Surrounding yourself with negative morons is soooooo draining they Suck the Life out of you .
    Please tell me where that Buddhist Commune is ?

  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    4 months ago

    OMG, I have dealt with passive-aggressive behaviors all my life. In the end, these people are too afraid to ask others what they specifically want because they've been made to believe they don't deserve anything because of their upbringing. I know this because I use to be passive-aggressive myself. How could I not be with a father that tells his children "you ain't gonna amount to shit in life"? My passive-aggressive behaviors ended when I was single after the second long-term relationship. Honestly, the solution to passive-aggressive behavior is learning how to be selfish again.

    But yes, you're absolutely correct. The wealthy around the world are starving humanity of their emotional and physiological needs because of greed. I think everyone is a disease; you just have to pick carefully which freaks are yours.

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