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Day 579

Recklessly floating in the English Channel

Funny, isn't it, how it's called the "English Channel," even though it goes between England and France. Why isn't it the English/French Channel, or Frenglish Channel? Seriously, something's got to be done about that....

All in all, the day was pretty useless: we went into one largish town expecting to shop at the weekly outdoor market, only to find it had closed by the time we got there. An attempt to visit the beach went astray, as there was no parking within 10 miles. The third failure, a foray to a supermarket led us on a wild goose chase to nowhere (hats off to you, "Google Maps!") The final failure was heading down to a little seaside town for dinner and finding all the 100+ tables lining the waterfront were reserved.

Nothing but failure today.

But we did get to spend some time on the beach, and as I sat there looking at the turquoise water, I resolved to swim. I slipped off my shirt, and then my shorts to my undies, walked gingerly over the rocks and slid myself in.

I floated recklessly in the water, staring back and forth from the cliffs to the sky, then back.

It was all worth it.

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