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Day 72

Retirement plan

5 year plan and counting down, sell house , buy base here and 1 in the sun...
To please myself, do what I want, when I want, no more cooking, cleaning for others, no more washing loads of clothes, going out at 10pm returning at 3 am ... freedom
I only hope to stave off illness, you need health to be free, wealth to access activities you could never do when young, fetching up a family and other families..
I still miss Mum so much, I wish I could see her today tell her my plans, go shopping, go for coffee, I speak to her daily, I hope she listens ....
Yesterday I cried all afternoon for her......
Today I will meet my sister for lunch, some ties with mum , I am an orphan now and I feel lost ....
My Grandaughter fetches me such joy , I will collect her from School today she will lift my spirits..
Still researching that counselling, do need to find the right person
Well the rain is here again, I hate the rain only makes the day darker and gloomier than it really is.....
Hope every1 has a good day.

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