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Day 744

Routines Set In....

Wake around 7 am, later if my sleep is shitty
(and it has not been great lately...)

Take meds, drink coffee....

7.5 Rilke

8 Morning Video Meditation

8.5 Dress; stroll in park, bring tripod

9.5 Video davin (prayers) in the park. Nobody will bother me because they have to distance. Dogs maybe.

10 Stroll home

10.5 second breakfast

11 answer emails, check social media

12 lunch, nap

1 declutter the house

2 work in the garden

3 nap

4 work in the basement

5 make some calls

6 cook dinner

7 Jeopardy!

8 Play guitar

9 TV

10 lights out

I try to listen to as little news as possible, because I know this country is lead by the dumbest motherfucker of all time. Today he blathered on about re-opening "America for business" by Easter. Hey, you dumb ####, we're not going anywhere on Easter; in fact, we're not going anywhere for the next 8 -10 weeks, and there's not a #### lot you can do about it! I'm sorry that you can't leave the White House to go golfing, you orange piece of turd, but that's life.....

Then Pence comes on and he has his head shoved soooooo far up tRump's ass that he can probably see the daylight coming through tRump's mouth.

I'm staying put. #### off.

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