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Day 613


Went for lovely walk with Peachy over the fields. Retraced the steps of the walking group. Apple didn’t want to come with us. I left before seeing Ma. Felt anxious about not being there for her when she got in and not having told her I wouldn’t be there. But if I wait for her to appear the morning is gone. Must get rid of the guilt. She was fine. Beloved is so very good to her.

Home for lunch. Then made fish pie for supper with Tiggy Winkle this evening. Then picked up stuff from the Co op with Apple. Back for supper with Tiggy Winkle. Had two gin and tonics and had a good time. Watched Jamaica Inn after TW left. Felt it was a waste of time afterwards. Ma didn’t enjoy it either. It was made in 1939. Our films are so much more sophisticated now. Beloved enjoys the old films from a historical point of view.

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