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Day 626

Saying Kaddish Alone... very tref....

Kaddish is the holy prayer that Jews say to honor those who have passed from this plane of existence.

My mother will have passed exactly 35 years ago tomorrow.

She died a young woman; at 60, I've outlived her by 8 years, so far. She struggled with cancer for over a decade, even went into remission for a year or two, but it always managed to return. When it got to her liver, she knew she was a goner.

It would be a holy thing to say kaddish with other members of my family on her yuhrzeit. But no one is here: had my father lived, he would have been over 100. My older sister passed14 years ago, at 49 years of age, and my younger sister died 4 years ago at 53.

So it's up to me to say it alone. Well, it's forbidden to say kaddish alone; you have to have a minyun, 10 adults. This is because Jews believe that mourning is too difficult to be done solo; you need others around to give you comfort, as well as to support others who are also mourning their losses.

Saturday morning I'll say kaddish, with others in my congregation.

Baruch hashem.

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