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Day 607

Seeking alternative treatment for cancer...

I'm not a believer that you can heal certain types of diseases by diet or "positive thinking." My younger sister thought she could cure her cancer by not eating gluten, which, as you know, is complete bullshit. She died anyway, and maybe a little too soon because she avoided real tests and treatments for a year.

But I do like "modern treatments" that use technology which has been adapted. So when I opened up the newspaper the other day and say a full page ad for a hospital that was curing my type of cancer with ultrasound instead of radiation, I was intrigued.

It turns out that this treatment has been around in Europe for a while, and has just start in the U.S. (well, ten years ago...) and it can take care of my tumors in a single minimally invasive operation without the side effects I'm experiencing now (like hot flashes, getting up to pee at night) and without having to visit a radiation clinic for another 30 visits. In fact, the procedure would take a couple of hours, and I would be out the same day.

I'm going to talk to a doctor tomorrow, because this radiation stuff? It's getting old....

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  • Otter Otter
    5 weeks ago

    Absolutely! Give it a shot, Rav! Crossing my fingers that your doctor give the A-Ok. :)

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