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Day 710

Severe aortic stenosis

Took Ma to the doctor to follow up her echo-cardiogram. I thought it would be good news. There had been no sense of urgency. It's two weeks since the echo-cardiogram and it turns out that her situation is urgent. She has severe aortic stenosis. This is quite common in older people. There is a simple operation that will relieve her situation. It used to be a question of open-heart surgery but that’s not the case any more. A catheter type thing is pushed into her blood vessels until it reaches her heart and then they relieve the valve. She won’t even have to stay in over night.

I wondered if Ma would go for this operation. She has told me almost daily how she expects it won’t be long now until she dies, and she longs to just sleep and sleep. Isn’t this her get out clause? It’s the ultimate test: if she wants to die this is her chance.

By night time she had already decided to go for the operation. She is choosing to live. Interesting turn around. Maybe she will feel differently about life now. The operation should make her feel better, more energised and less woozy.

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