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Day 480

She looks like Marissa Tomei.... and her voice is like....

My youngish friend had a look at WID (Woman I'm Dating) after I went out with her a few times. We've been friends a long time and he's been around for my last 3 gfs, and has enjoyed their company in one way or another. They find him handsome and charming, and over and over again wonder, "why can't he find a girl?"

He looks at a photo that WID sent me one evening: she's in a pair of tight fitting yoga pants and a tighter shirt, and there's a lizard hanging down the front of her chest.

"Wow, how old is she?"
"53...." I reply.
"53!!!! Holy cow, she's so hot!"
"Yah think?"
"She looks like that actress, Marissa Tomei...."
"Actually, you're right, she does...."
"What's her voice like?"
"Oh, it's kind of deep... but also familiar...."
"Like who?"
"Oh, maybe Jane Fonda?"
"Jane Fonda? Who's Jane Fonda?"

I find a YouTube video of Jane Fonda, and he listens.

"So WID sounds like her?"
"Yeah, I guess so...."
"And looks like Marissa Tomei?"
"I don't get it, Rav. You're a fairly average looking guy, you're economically secure but not really wealthy, and as far as I can tell, you're not all that smart. Why do you end up with all these beautiful women?"

"I'm persistent!"

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