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Day 548

she returns after a while, beer in hand....

and puts her wallet back in her bag. My heart beats hard, because I'm nervous she'll see the note, and then turn to me and she'll get really angry. But nothing happens.

At some point she leaves, taking her bag with her. I figure she's going to meet up with some friends, because it's late and the show is nearly over. I wonder how long it will take before she finds the note; maybe later that evening, maybe tomorrow, maybe a few months from now.

But she returns to her seat, and as she puts her bag down, she smiles at me, and in very poor English says, "the band is great, yes?" I nod, and also remark, "by the way, I knew you were coming back and so I made sure nobody took your seat." She laughs, but I don't know if she understands.

So she's in front of me (she's about 5' 4" to my 6') and we're enjoying the music and the show ends. She turns to me and remarks how great the show was, and I acknowledge it. I ask if she knows cumbia music, and she says yes, because she is from Mexico, where it is popular....

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