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Day 31


The last time I talked to him was New Year’s Eve. We had had a long talk the night before and I texted him a question about something he’d done, and he was a total dick. I pointed out some things he’d done which caused me pain. He told me he had much to think about and would call me in the new year.

I finally got a text from him yesterday and it was chatty, and completely disregards where we were the last time we talked. Like he thinks if he waits a week I’ll cool off and forget we were having an argument.

This past week has been different. I’ve been calmer, I’ve slept better. I miss him terribly but he has become toxic to my mental health. My friends are encouraging me to ignore his message and block him from my life.

I haven’t blocked him, but I haven’t answered him either. It’s tearing me apart. I want to rip him a new one for being such a jerk. I want him to face what he’s done. I want to punish him.

But I know he thrives on attention and ignoring him is the worst punishment.

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