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Day 435

Skate Date

She invited me to go ice skating in Bryant Park, a touristy thing if there ever was one, and a stretch for me, because although I used to be a very proficient skater (even playing pickup ice hockey games in college), the last time I skated was over ten years ago in Rockefeller Center, where I distinguished myself by falling forward and fracturing my shoulder.....

In the ensuing years, I was diagnosed with a degenerative disease at the base of my femur, as well as suffered "stress fractures" in the foot of the same leg. All of which left me a bit cautious about going on this date.

But I didn't want to be a spoil sport, and I did love skating, so we met up this afternoon. And I figured it would give us a chance to hold hands....

So we strapped on the skates, made our way through the crowds, and onto the ice we stepped. And I have to say, I was real shaky....

By the time I got around the first curve, I grabbed her hand for stability.... by the second turn, my angles and shins were aching.....

... but I kept at it and we had a fine day....

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