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Day 603

Slowly letting the word out....

I've been in treatment for prostate cancer since June, when I started on the hormone treatments. Besides the hot flashes, not much has changed in my life (if you consider taking an extra pill each day a "big change.") So I told nobody about it.

When the radiation treatments started, it affected the time I would get to work, so I told my supervisors, as well as the nurse, in case there was a medical emergency. I also told OldGF and a friend who does "body work" on me.

But some days the radiation goes long (usually because of the complex machinery involved), which means I am a no-show for a meeting or class. So I had to tell two colleagues, and let them know I didn't want it made public.

But it looks like I may need additional help, occasionally, because my knee is still having problems, and the healing is taking much longer because of the hormone treatments. So I'll probably tell OldGirlfriendWhoIsAlsoMyNeighbor to help with shopping occasionally.

There are others I could tell, but they're either aged, disabled or busy, so they would be of no help, and being of no help would make them feel guilty.

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