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Day 59

Small world

This afternoon I got a text from one of the friends of my ex who friended me on FB after the crash. She’s my parents’ age and has been super nice to me though we’ve never met in real life. She and her husband live several states away from me. She was texting to let me know she had had a couple very nice conversations... with my parents.

They just happen to be vacationing in the same town, staying in the same condo, in a place none of us live. They were chatting and the topic of local music came up. My dad mentioned I was a dancer and my day profession and she put it together.

How has this come to impact my entire life? He and I haven’t spoken for months, he ignored the last couple of attempts to reach out. He’s gone. Out of my life. Yet his influence lingers. I still find myself thinking about him frequently, and still talk to (argue with) him in my head.

I’m having moments where I’m just me again, but in an instant I’m back to being the lonely half of us

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