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Day 208


After the post from the other day during which my head almost fell off because WG sent me a FB message I have been doing some thinking.

I am clearly behaving like some sort of teenage girl in the midst of some angsty Dawson's Creek style melodrama. At the age of 34. What the hell am I actually doing???

This man supported me during the bad days of my marriage breakdown but that is all. He led me on, lied to me and in some ways manipulated me for his own gratification. He emotionally cheated on his girlfriend (which does not make him a good prospect) and I can imagine that it was not the first time.

He seems to pop into my life every now and again when it appears that I have forgotten him and he needs to remind me of his presence. I need to respond like a grown up, not a lovesick teenager.

In other news, the ex husband is getting married.

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